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Why Work for PNLH?

Who we are:

Personalized Nursing LIGHT House is a premier behavioral health care provider for adults with 30 years of specialized addiction treatment service. We have locations in Plymouth, Canton, Lakeland, Dearborn Heights, Madison Heights and Farmington.

Our mission is to be an innovative and effective behavioral healthcare corporation (utilizing the LIGHT model of care), that strives for excellence clinically as well as administratively. Specifically, our intent is to increase client well-being, decrease addiction severity, improve the quality of clients’ mental and physical health and contribute positively to society. All services will integrate substance use disorder, mental health and primary health care treatment in cohesive and client-centered programs.

Trauma Informed Care – Many of the persons we serve has experienced significant trauma in their lives.   This history of trauma may have significant impact on their behaviors in treatment and their long-term recovery.   That is why Personalized Nursing LIGHT House provides training for its team members on the impact of trauma and best ways of providing care to a person with a history of trauma.   PNLH seeks to be skilled at providing Trauma informed care.  To this end, PNLH has incorporated groups for our clients and trainings for our staff members from Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM) and Seeking Safety. We seek employee applicants to join our team who have formal training in trauma treatment, as well as those with “lived experience” with trauma.


Woman Holding Recovery Sign
“People Can and Do Recover.” – Carlton Harris and Sylvia Webster, Clinicians at PNLH

Why Chose PNLH as an Employer (Non-financial/benefits reasons):

  • Focus is on the Client: PNLH relentlessly focuses on what’s best for the client.
  • Ethical Company Culture: We believe strongly that ethical behavior is not a suggestion, but a mandate. Thus, therapists at PNLH feel comfortable knowing that they will never be asked to perform any task that violates the ethical code of conduct. Doing what is right by the client and doing it ethically, is what you can expect as an employee of PNLH.
  • Exceptional Clinical Outcomes: Year after year, PNLH’s clinical performance has exceeded state and national averages and oftentimes PNLH’s outcomes are the best or in the top 3 treatment centers in southeastern Michigan (From BH-TEDS Data). Working for such a treatment provider will train you on best practice in the field of addiction.
  • Innovation: PNLH has developed several treatment programs that are innovative and that fill gaps in the service delivery continuum for addiction treatment. PNLH is also an early adopter of new technology (MAT, for instance) – with the goal of bringing research to practice quickly.

PNLH Benefits Offered:

PNLH offers all part time and full-time employees a menu of benefits to select from to meet their specific needs. Thus, every eligible employee can “Personalize” their benefit package.

Employees can choose from the following items:

  • Life Insurance (from $10,000 – $100,000)
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Primary Care Coverage – with the Choice of three insurance packages to select from
  • Pre-Tax medical reimbursement
  • Pre-Tax dependent Care reimbursement
  • Vacation time
  • Paid Holidays
  • 403B Plan
  • Refer a Colleague Bonus Program
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