The Light Model

The Personalized Nursing LIGHT model is a prescriptive model for nursing. It is a model for nursing practice derived from a synthesis of Aristotle’s theory of ethics and Martha E. Rogers’ science of unitary human beings. The LIGHT model provides a mechanism for nurses to assist clients to improve their sense of well-being. The authors believe that improving well-being is the focus of nursing. Using principles synthesized from Aristotle and Rogers, clients are encouraged to use their talents in the pursuit of well-being and happiness in an increasingly complex world.

One of the founders of PNLH, Dr. Andersen, is the founder of The Personalized Nursing LIGHT Model, a nursing intervention model that has proven effective in impacting hard to reach addicted population.  The Model has been published numerous journals and taught at regional Nursing Conferences and internationally (Germany requested and received consultation and training in the LIGHT Model for its addiction professionals) and was accepted by the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as a promising practice.


Love the client  –  Demonstrated in how we treat every person served with dignity, respect, and a focus on customer service.    We create a welcoming environment both in terms of staff engagement, but also environmentally.


Intend to help – Intentionality of our staff members to improve the lives of the persons we serve is demonstrated in our daily interactions.   Persons served should know our intentions are what’s best for them and their health and well-being.


Give care gently – All interactions with the persons served will be provided in a caring and gentle manner, incorporating the “L” and the “I” listed above.   Our Motivational Interviewing approach to care is highly congruent with this “giving care gently” philosophy.


Help the client improve well-being –  We look at the whole person and the barriers to maximum well-being.  Thus, we incorporate mental health, primary health, and other social determinates of health (like healing living environments), into our care to maximize a client’s well-being.


Teach the process – Through the interactions with PNLH’s therapists, persons served are taught the skills and techniques to improve their health and well-being, develop a personalized relapse prevention plan, and establish their foundation in recovery.

Every employee applicant we interview is screened to ensure that they can serve in congruence with the LIGHT Model.  All emloyees are trained on the LIGHT Model and is incorporated into their annual performance evaluation process.

PNLH’s policies and procedures are designed to incorporate and implement the LIGHT Model into day to day operations.