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Withdrawal Management

PNLH offers ASAM level 3.7 Withdrawal Management Services (detox) and has 24/7 nursing onsite. Led by Dr. Raymond Edison, MD, an addictionologist, Dr. Edison provides evaluations either in person or via Telehealth. Dr. Edison is available for consultation at all times, seven days a week, and is frequently contacted as needs arise. Each location has on-site 24-hour Nursing provided by Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses. The LPN works closely with Dr. Edison to ensure a safe and, to the extent possible, a comfortable withdrawal process. 


PNLH offers ASAM Level, 3.5 and 3.7 Residential services. 

Services include weekly individual sessions and daily group sessions. Five hours of group therapy is provided daily and include open process and didactic presentations.  Groups are provided Mon-Sat. for 5 hrs., and 4 hrs. on Sunday. Individual services include the evidenced based LIGHT Model of care which incorporates Stages of Change model and Motivational Interviewing, to provide a comprehensive, and personalized method of intervention that embraces and respects all individuals. Other evidenced based practices used by PNLH staff include the above Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies, and significant elements of the “TREM” and  “Seeking Safety” interventions of PTSD care.  Yoga and acupuncture services are incorporated into the weekly schedule. 


One of the first programs in the State of Michigan to offer this level of care, PNLH’s IOPD program offers 4.5 hours per day of group therapy, 5 days per week with an individual session by a master’s prepared therapist at least weekly.  While enrolled in this level of care, clients will be living in fully furnished houses or apartment units.  All expenses for this housing unit is paid by PNLH (utilities, water, rent), with the clients responsible for their own food.  Clients will have typically one roommate per bedroom, 4 clients total per apartment unit.  Programs times vary, but include: a day program with mixed gender, an evening program for men only, and another day program for women’s specific IOPD services.  When services return to in person groups, PNLH’s shuttle van drives to and from the housing locations located about 10 minutes away from the office, to bring clients to the office and return them home at the end of the program day.

(Note: During COVID19, these services are conducted via video conferencing software PNLH has purchased.  Our housing units have WIFI and some laptops furnished by PNLH to expedite video conferencing). 


Enhanced Outpatient Program with Domicile (EOPD) – ASAM level 1.0., PNLH was one of the first in the state of Michigan to create this level of care, Enhanced Outpatient Program with Domicile (EOPD). This program offers clients outpatient services (individual counseling and group sessions) while also providing recovery housing in PNLH’s housing units. This combination of therapy and recovery housing allows clients to continue in OP services while remaining in clean, healing and supportive housing arrangements.


Outpatient ASAM 1.0 services. Outpatient services include individual counseling (typically once a week) and one 90-minute Group per week. Individual sessions can be increased or decreased as the individual becomes more stable in their recovery. Like all PNLH program, we offer Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Treatment Plan Updates, Continuing Care Planning, as well as Case Management services and Peer Support Services to develop the “My plans for the future” peer support plans.

During COVID19- these sessions are facilitated virtually using secure video conferencing software.

Peer Coaching services

Certified Peer Coaches, who have lived experience with Substance Use Disorder and living clean and sober for years, is offered to clients enrolled at PNLH. Using the LIGHT Model and a Strength Based approach, PNLH’s Peer Coaches assist clients throughout PNLH’s continuum of care. These services include individual and group sessions facilitated by the Peer Coach, linking and coordinating of care, and assistance with integrating into the recovery community.

Case management

PNLH provides certified (through the Michigan Certification Board Addiction Professionals) case managers that work with each client to identify client needs (food, clothing, employment, housing, dental, health appointments, state benefits, etc.) and helps facilitate obtaining these items for the clients served. PNLH’s case managers are very knowledgeable of various local resources and experts in knowing the process to apply for assistance for the clients.

Recovery housing

Personalized Nursing LIGHT House has been providing recovery housing (tied to various levels of care (OP, IOPD, IOP, CM, Peer Recovery Coaches, etc.,) since1990. Nearly 30+ years of experience in providing some of the highest quality recovery housing units in all of Wayne county (and S.E. Michigan). These units are spacious, nicely furnished and close to our treatment locations.

women’s Specialty provider

PNLH’s has been a designated Women’s Specific Service Provider for several years. PNLH was the first women specific women’s withdrawal management and residential program opened in western Wayne county (2011). PNLH currently operates women’s specific IOPD program, with trauma focus, at our Canton location.

As part of being a women’s specialty service provider, PNLH provides the following services:

  • Providing primary pediatric care, immunizations to children of women served at PNLH.
  • Child care arrangements available to women in IOPD, OP services at PNLH.
  • Specific therapeutic interventions that address trauma in women. PNLH offers counseling and support for trauma (PTSD). Also, PNLH’s women specific program focus heavily on trauma related issues (using the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model, TREM, used successfully with women who have suffered trauma).

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